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The Five-Day Montessori Program

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The five-day Montessori Program is purposely structured around consistent and frequent interaction with the environment. Continuity is essential for a self-guided learning experience and for a secure sense of progression within the Montessori atmosphere.

The children who attend a Montessori school five days are able to fulfill their social needs and stimulate their natural love for learning simply because they have all the time they need for both.

A positive self-image is an important predictor of future success. We help children develop the self-esteem and confidence needed to face challenges and change with optimism and confidence. Clear communication and peaceful problem-solving skills are used at Montessori Children’s House.

Half Day 2 1/2-6 Years

8:30 am to 11:30 am or 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm


The Morning Class is the heart of the Montessori experience. Each group of children is a little community. The multi-age grouping of 3, 4 and 5 year olds creates opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. By developing a sense of responsibility for themselves and others, children grow in self-discipline and self-esteem.

The children engage in spontaneous, meaningful activities at their own pace and rhythm. Each child is unique with different interests, different abilities, and different needs. At Montessori Children’s House, we never lose sight of the individual needs of each child within the social setting of the entire group.

The multi-age grouping in the morning class fosters a caring and cooperative classroom. This important dimension of the classroom focuses on the whole child within the supportive setting of the social group. It allows each individual to grow in their social role and become a contributing member. Parents and teachers form a supportive community.

A rich variety of hands-on Montessori materials provide a concrete way to experience abstract concepts in the following curriculum areas:

• Daily Living/Practical Life
• Sensory Motor
• Language
• Mathematics
• Nature and Science
• Geography and Cultural Awareness
• Creative Art
• Music and Movement

Children benefit most from consistent, daily attendance. Our morning class meets Monday through Friday, 8:30a.m.-11:30a.m., providing the cornerstone of authentic Montessori education.


Extended Day Kindergarten 5-6 Years
8:30 am to 2:30 pm 

The three year preschool program culminates in our extended-day kindergarten class. Enrollment is typically offered to students who have completed two years in a Montessori classroom. Our five-year-olds meet daily from 11:45 to 2:30 for time with their peers. This class offers the kindergartener an opportunity for more individualized adult attention and to experience themselves as independent thinkers and learners, who can be leaders and role models for others. It is a time when five-year-olds move from one level of complexity to another and begin thinking more abstractly. Special activities include field trips, foreign language instruction, creative movement and music classes, art classes, gardening, and more.




Before & After School Care - 7:00 am until 6:00 pm (dependent on enrollment)

Every moment of the day is prepared with the Montessori philosophy in mind: treating the children with respect, offering freedom of choice and fostering autonomy. We practice and encourage mannerly and gracious social habits. We know that children learn best by doing. Montessori is the active pursuit of many different experiences: physical, emotional, and cognitive. Every element of the day is in keeping with these principles.

• Children experience the joy of living and learning
• Parents experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing their child is growing and developing in an atmosphere of caring and respect
• Our environments are attractive and enriching
• The activities and materials invite the child to explore and learn
• The adults are caring and supportive
• Our large outdoor area invites nature study and exploration





For information about our popular summer programs please visit the Community page.



Third Year Testimonials

Hear what our parents say:

“Our experience with Extended Day was fantastic.  Now, more than 18 months after graduation and with 10 of those being in Norway, we continue to experience the ways that MCH enriched Caroline's life, providing her with an incredible foundation (including confidence and independence) from which to move forward.  There are academic things we witness and credit to her time at MCH like her confidence in sounding out words and tackling large mathematical numbers (bead experience), and there are the other things like respect for friends, animals and the earth that just became part of who she is.  It almost seems unjust for us to try to summarize how much she benefited from being an MCH student, because never, in just a short summary could we truly do it justice.  We can't say enough and we will always be grateful that MCH and Extended Day are in Northfield.” 

Kelly Irvine


“James had such a wonderful third year with you and entered school with confidence.  He was able to be self directed in his elementary work from day one and remains driven by his curiosity and interest.”

 Michelle Martin

“Our son, Will, was fortunate to be in the first kindergarten class at Montessori Children's House. It was an amazing year of growth and exploration for him. Always eager to get to school, Will enjoyed the day's daily activities and the ability to interact with his surroundings. Because of the smaller class size, he was able to practice his leadership skills and enjoyed interacting with some of the younger children. He developed meaningful friendships with peers, teachers and the animals. To this day he still talks about Bella and is always helpful when working in our garden - part of the seed planted at MCH! He looks forward to alumni days to connect with some of his friends again. Our son transitioned well to public school but now I know if there were a first grade at MCH, we would have wanted to stay!”
Pam Tidona

 "Madeline's year at MCH was priceless. She had attended a partial day/partial week preschool program for 2 years prior to her year at MCH. At MCH she had just turned 5 years old in August and was ready for an all day school experience.

At home as a younger sister, she had many things done for her.  At MCH Madeline recognized her own abilities and was able to practice them: social responsibility, personal acceptance and confidence. 

Today, Madeline is a leader in her First Grade classroom.  She looks out for the younger students and feels empowered to excel in reading and math.  The characteristics we see in her now were all planted during her year at MCH- priceless.

Marianne Moser 


We are very excited to be able to write about our oldest Son’s experience in the extended day kindergarten program at Montessori Children’s House. Tanner, now eight years old, was one of the first to go through this program. The self confidence and independence the program helped build in Tanner started showing almost immediately and were great assets for him when he started elementary school. Tanner’s learning and concentration skills significantly improved throughout the time he spent at Montessori and now serve him very well.

We were especially impressed with how well rounded the extended day kindergarten program is. The program helped teach him respect and care for others and the environment through incorporating gardening and animal care tasks into his daily schedule. Tanner still loves to garden and explore the outdoors with us. The program also boosted his reading, writing, and math skills significantly. The instruction he received at Montessori was top notch and the teachers are some of the most caring people we have ever had the pleasure to know.

In short, we can not recommend the program highly enough and would be happy to discuss it with anyone who is considering it for their child.


Jason & Tammy Wood,

When we met with our son’s teacher for fall conferences, she was a bit concerned with his reading level. On the system they use to measure reading ability, they expect 1st graders to enter in Sept at a "6". JD had entered at a "2", but at the point of the conference in Nov, he had progressed to a "6". Apparently, the expectation is that students progress to an "18" by the end of the school year. Just before Christmas break, we received an email from his teacher explaining that they had "accidentally" tested him - meaning he was showing interest and seeking books that were at a higher level than his most recent assessment. They found that he was reading at a level of "18" and were pleasantly surprised at his progress. I knew that keeping him in Kindergarten at MCH would mean that he would have a different kind of experience than in the public school, supporting the virtues of learning and development in the Montessori method that Jorma and I care about the most. We also knew that he might not be learning at the same rate as some of his peers using a more rote method of learning. We are thrilled that JD completed Kindergarten at MCH. I am confident that the freedom to explore and learn in his own way, be part of a learning community with his peers, take on leadership roles, along with a host of experiences all helped him to become more confident and develop a stronger sense of his own identity. These are the very traits that are enabling him to learn and progress in 1st grade and beyond. I remain sad that there is not a local Montessori grade school, so we are doing the best we can with the resources available. Thank you, again, for all that you do to create such a nurturing environment for my children and so many others. ,

Eva Cavaleri





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